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Whitepapers - Trading System Lab

The following white papers are available for download and are posted with permission:


Download File Size
SVMLTS_SVOG_MeetUp_Oct2017 448 kb
TSL_User_Live_Notes_Oct2017 448 kb
TSL-ML_Options_Designs_Oct2017 448 kb
Las Vegas Traders Expo 2016-Top Systems 448 kb
Las Vegas Traders Expo 2016-DAS 448 kb
SILICON_VALLEY_MEETUP_2015.pdf (Apr, 2015) 3.2 mb
TSL_TradeStation_MeetUp.pdf (Nov, 2013) 3.2 mb
TSL_SpecialReportOnRobustness.pdf (Nov, 2013) 3.7 mb
TSL General Discussion Ver1.3.pdf (Mar, 2012) 5.7 mb
TSL Product Guide Ver 1.1.pdf (May, 2010) 837 kb
Frank D. Francone Licensiate Thesis.pdf (2009) 487 kb
TSL Version 1.1 Review (May, 2010) 1.9 mb
Money Show Presentation (Nov, 2009) 2.0 mb
CRUDE OIL Hedge.pdf 605 kb
GP Comparison.pdf 233 kb
Financial Prediction-Per.Anton.Thesis.pdf 253 kb
Discipulus How It Works.pdf 118 kb
CISC Architectures.pdf 128 kb
Unexploded Ordnance.pdf 180 kb
Discrimination White Paper Color.pdf 1.2 mb
Environmental Engineering.pdf 65 kb
DNA.Microarray.Tumor.Classification.pdf 177 kb
Process Control White Paper.pdf 30 kb
An Options Data Base Engine.pdf 777 kb
An Options Data Base EnginePart2.pdf 114 kb
Trading System Evaluation.pdf 180 kb
Trading System Equity Growth.pdf 69 kb
Using The Fisher Transform.pdf 131 kb
The Fisher Transform.pdf 459 kb
The Inverse Fisher Transform.pdf 622 kb
Trading With Cycles.pdf 118 kb
The Big Blue2 Trading System.pdf (Bound Copy Available) 448 kb
Trading Systems Created Authomatically 5 kb
Stock Index and Forex Daytrading Systems Created Through Automatic Design 7 kb
Trading System Lab Product Guide 18 kb
Trading System Lab OMS and EMS Interfaces 6 kb
Daytrading Trading System Lab SubSystems Guide 5 kb
Trading System Lab Trade to Parameter Ratios 6 kb
Typical Trading System Lab Clients Guide 5 kb
Artificial Intelligence May Revamp Future Trading System Development 7 kb


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