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Demo 1: Introduction to Automatic System Generation and Data Preprocessing (Mike Barna) 23MB-WinZip (01/18/2006)

Demo 2: Running the Trading System Lab: Trading System Generation (Mike Barna) 13MB-WinZip (01/18/2006)

Demo 3: eMini ES Daytrading System Generation in 8 minutes (Mike Barna) 2.9MB-WinZip (02/01/2006)

Demo 4: ORB on the OMX with TSL (Mike Barna) 9.8MB-WinZip (11/10/2007)

Demo 5: (ARCHIVED)Indicator Evolution for Stocks in 4 minutes (Mike Barna) 11MB-WinZip (02/03/2006)

Demo 6: MESA Enhanced Data Preprocessor for TSL (John Ehlers) 8.3MB-WinZip (01/30/2006)

Demo 7: Beyond Portfolios: Evolved Index Portfolio Trading System (Mike Barna) 8.7MB-WinZip (04/30/2006)

Demo 8: EL Translator, eMini ES with Evolved Money Management (Mike Barna) 13.7MB-WinZip (03/26/2006)

Demo 9: Beating Buy and Hold: Evolving SPX Trading Systems (Mike Barna) 10.7MB-WinZip (07/20/2006)

Demo 10: Nine SPY Candles: OOS Path Intelligence and Sparse, Legacy Data (Mike Barna) 6.5MB-WinZip (11/10/2007)

Demo 11: Pairs with Money Management (Mike Barna) 6.9MB-WinZip (10/06/2007)

Demo 12: Behaving Well: SPX with 60% OOS (Mike Barna) 7.4MB-WinZip (10/18/2007)

Demo 13: Looking Glass Options: Unleaded Gas (Mike Barna) 21.2MB-WinZip (03/12/2007) (Email for Password)

Demo 14: Looking Glass Options: SP, Topix and NK225 (Mike Barna) 39.7MB-WinZip (03/12/2007) (Email for Password)

Demo 15: Data Preprocessors: SPI200 Trading System with evolved money management (Mike Barna) 10.1MB-WinZip (05/27/2006)

Demo 16: Integrating Fundamentals and Technicals (Mike Barna) 12.9MB-WinZip (08/05/2006) (Email for Password)

Demo 17: Quick Review-TSL Ver 1.0 Release Demo1 (Mike Barna) 6.6MB-WinZip (11/11/2007)

Demo 18: Quick Review-TSL Ver 1.0 Release Demo2-ES, SP, ER, RU (Mike Barna) 23MB-WinZip (11/31/2007)

Demo 19: Initial Setup-TSL Ver 1.x (Mike Barna) 19MB-WinZip (03/14/2009) (For Clients Only)

Demo 20: Quick Start-TSL Ver 1.x Single Market (Mike Barna) 32MB-WinZip (03/02/2009) (For Clients Only)

Demo 21: Quick Start-TSL Ver 1.x Portfolios (Mike Barna) 23MB-WinZip (03/02/2009) (For Clients Only)

Demo 22: (ARCHIVED)Advanced Daytrading Systems Info (Mike Barna) (06/01/2009)

Demo 23: Creating a DLL for TradeStation (Mike Barna) 11MB-WinZip (08/20/2009) (For Clients Only)

Demo 24: US and JY System Evolution (Mike Barna) 37MB-WinZip (06/07/2009)

Demo 25: Daytrading Systems-Part1 (Mike Barna) 26MB-WinZip (12/29/2009)

Demo 26: DT Systems-Part2 (Mike Barna) 41MB-WinZip (12/29/2009)

Demo 27: e-Mini Russell Daytrading Systems-Part3 (Mike Barna) 21MB-WinZip (12/29/2009)

Demo 28: e-Mini SP HF DT Systems-Part4 (Mike Barna) 11MB-WinZip (12/29/2009)

Demo 29: US Bond Daytrading Systems-Part5 (Mike Barna) 24MB-WinZip (12/29/2009)

Demo 30: e-Mini SP Daytrading Systems-Part6 (Mike Barna) 14MB-WinZip (1/1/2010)

Demo 31: Getting Ready To Trade (Mike Barna) 42MB-WinZip (04/04/2010)

Demo 32: Back To Basics-Indu ORB (Mike Barna) 10MB-WinZip (07/09/2010)

Demo 33: High Freq SPY 500tk (Mike Barna) 4MB-WinZip (07/14/2010)

Demo 34: Small Portfolio (Mike Barna) 10MB-WinZip (07/09/2010)

Demo 35: Options Spreads and Strangles (Mike Barna) 10MB-WinZip (07/14/2010)

Demo 36: Pairs SPY-DIA Full Hedge (Mike Barna) 4MB-WinZip (07/14/2010)

Demo 37: Custom Preprocessing Examples (Mike Barna) 17MB-WinZip (08/05/2010)(For Clients Only)

Demo 38: Large NY based Investment Banker-TSL User (Richard A.) 19MB-wave sound file (07/08/2010)

Demo 39: TSL Training 3 Steps Part1 (Mike Barna) 35MB-WinZip (10/09/2010)(For Clients Only)

Demo 40: TSL Training 3 More Steps Part2 (Mike Barna) 47MB-WinZip (10/09/2010)(For Clients Only)

Demo 41: DayTrading Alternate Markets (Mike Barna) 14MB-WinZip (11/01/2010)

Demo 42: Custom PP code, Hilbert Transform, Variable Accumulation Distribution (Mike Barna) 14MB-WinZip (8/5/2010)(For Clients Only)

Demo 43: Genetic Programming for Predictive Modeling (Frank Francone) 34MB-WinZip (12/14/2010)

Demo 44: (ARCHIVED)TSL Paired Distributions: See Demo 62

Demo 45: (ARCHIVED)TSL Version 1.1 Update Briefing (Mike Barna) 12MB-WinZip (01/27/2011)(For Clients Only)

Demo 46: TSL Data Improvements For Better OOS (Mike Barna) 42MB-WinZip (1/8/2014) (For Clients Only)

Demo 47: TSL Version 1.1 Update Briefing (Mike Barna) 19MB-WinZip (04/25/2011)

Demo 48: Multi Data Design: eMini S&P and VIX (Mike Barna) 11MB-WinZip (11/14/2012)

Demo 49: TSL Hyperthreading (Mike Barna) 25MB-WinZip (09/05/2011)

Demo 50: TSL HFT OrderBook (Mike Barna) 23MB-WinZip (8/24/2011)

Demo 51: TSL Version 1.3 (Mike Barna) 17MB-WinZip (03/26/2012)

Demo 52: TSL EVORUN #1 (Mike Barna) 27MB-WinZip (03/26/2012)

Demo 53: (ARCHIVED)LinkedIn Automated Trading Strategies Group(Mike Barna)(09/18/2012)

Demo 54: OUANTLABS WEBINAR (09/29/2012)(Mike Barna)

Demo 55: (ARCHIVED)Traders World Online Expo(Mike Barna)(11/04/2013) 92MB-WinZip

Demo 56: Important: Data for Machine Designed Systems (02/17/2014)(Mike Barna) 20MB-WinZip (For Clients Only)

Demo 57: DAS Introduction(May 2016)

Demo 58: DAS Demo(May 2016)

Demo 59: Post Design Evaluations(May 2016)

Demo 60: DTDB demo and SubSystem Report(Sept 2016)

Demo 61: Super Buffer Update(May 2016)

Demo 62: Scatter Plot and Wilcoxon(Dec 2016)

Demo 63: Day of Week Machine Design with Day Trade Discrete Bar (January 2017)

Demo 64: TSL Indicators for Sale(Jan 2017)

Demo 65: Bitcoin Algorithm Machine Design (February 2018)

Demo 66: ASCII-ThirdParty Data Import to TradeStation(Apr 2019)

Demo 67:TSL Review using a 36 Core Alienware PC (July 2019)

Demo 68: Multiple Instances of TSL on One PC(July 2019)

Demo 69:TSL Portfolios and Next Open Update (Aug 2019)