Trading System Lab

TSL on a Private Cloud

The TSL platform may be hosted on a Private Cloud saving time and cost. Using cloud based services, your TSL platform would reside in a major, large scale data center located here in the heart of Silicon Valley. Users would log on to their own secure, private cloud and operate TSL using state of the art hardware and software, downloading files and information as desired from their private work space. If you wish to design strategies on large data sets requiring long run times, simply configure TSL, begin the run and logoff. Your project will continue to run while you attend to other tasks. Your office based computers would then be free to be used for everyday tasks such as trading operations, accounting, compliance, email and web.

Keeping your office hardware and software up to date and operating at full potential is troublesome, expensive and time consuming. By locating your TSL platform on a private based hardware solution, operational aspects of your hardware and software are maintained by IT professionals leaving you free to design trading strategies.

Contact TSL for more information on cloud based computing with TSL.